Gigabit Ethernet M12 connector is an interface for connecting Gigabit Ethernet devices, which is usually used in industrial automation and robot control applications. It adopts circular joint design, which has the characteristics of anti-interference, anti-vibration, waterproof and dustproof, so it is very suitable for use in harsh industrial environment. M12 connector has standardized dimensions and specifications, so it can be used interchangeably with other M12 interface devices. In Gigabit Ethernet, M12 connector is usually used as the main interface between industrial switches and industrial Ethernet devices.

The standards implemented by the Gigabit Ethernet M12 connector include:
1. TIA/EIA-568-C: This is a standard jointly formulated by American Telecommunications Industry Association and Institute of Electrical Engineers, which is applicable to the wiring and connection specifications for connecting Ethernet devices.
2. ISO/IEC11801: This is a standard jointly formulated by the International Organization for Standardization and the Institute of Electrical Engineers. It is also applicable to the wiring and connection specifications for connecting Ethernet devices, and is widely adopted in European and international standard systems.
3. IEEE 802.3: This is an international organization of Ethernet standards, which formulates and issues standards related to Ethernet protocols and technologies. Gigabit Ethernet M12 connectors meet the specifications of this standard.

Structural characteristics of M12 connector in Gigabit Ethernet
1. Circular joint: M12 connector consists of a circular joint, usually with a diameter of 12mm. This circular design is beneficial to the vibration and impact resistance of the connector in the environment.
2. Metal shell: M12 connector usually uses metal shell, which makes it durable, reliable, conducive to heat dissipation and electromagnetic interference prevention.
3. Eight metal pins: Gigabit Ethernet M12 connector has eight metal pins for signal transmission and power supply. Among them, four are used for data transmission, and the other four are used for power supply and grounding.
4. Waterproof design: M12 connectors usually have waterproof design, which can work in wet and dusty environment and protect the components inside the connector.
5. Easy installation: M12 connector is simple and convenient to install, and usually it can be connected only by plugging in, without other additional tools and complicated installation procedures.