China is currently the world's largest connector market, the continuous development of automotive, communications and consumer electronics connector customization demand is more and more, connector manufacturers will be in China's R & D center is also gradually increasing proportion.

In the past few years, The customized products of Chinese connector enterprises are mainly concentrated in the military industry. This kind of connector is high-end and small-batch, basically customized according to demand. Connector manufacturers are required to have a strong design ability, and there will be no consumer electronic connector several models produced for several years. In the military industry customized connectors, for application-type connectors, rapid design, large-scale and high-quality production is its core competitiveness.

Different from civilian products, military connectors require higher technical content and reliability, so military connectors are mostly customized products. Military connectors are mostly customized products, which are developed for different application environments and require high r&d and technical capabilities of enterprises.

Under the driving of rapid economic development, China's auto, communication, computer, consumer electronics, such as connector industry rapid development, make Chinese connector market has maintained rapid growth, increasing the scale of connector market, customization demand is also more and more, 
many companies will research and development center in China, even in the global connector production center also synchronous transfer to China, China has become the world's largest connector production base.