The normal use of wires is generally within twenty years. However, if it is not operated properly during use, its lifespan will be gradually reduced. Wires and cables will age after being used for a certain number of years. There are many reasons for the aging of wires used in home decoration in the actual use process. How to extend the service life of wires?

The length of the wire's service life depends on the quality of the wire and the environment where the wire is installed and used. The wire is mainly insulated by the outer layer of sheath. After a long time, it is corroded by corrosive gases, and the insulation performance is gradually reduced. It will gradually age and harden, become brittle or fall off. At this time, it will not function as an insulation. The outer insulation layer of household wires is mostly made of plastic and rubber, which will age and lose their insulating effect after a long time of use.

It is very dangerous for the wire to lose its insulation performance. If two wires touch together or the live wire touches something that is connected to the earth, a runaway phenomenon will occur, which will increase the temperature of the local wire and generate sparks. If there are flammable materials near the wires, it is easy to catch fire and cause a fire. Therefore, we can pay attention to the following points during use, which can also effectively extend the service life of the cable:

(1) The wires should not be damp, heated, corroded or bruised.

(2) Pay attention to inspection when the wires are used for a certain number of years, and if any faults are found, they should be replaced in time.

(3) Do not overload the wires.

(4) Frequently check the use of electrical appliances and lines in the home, and perform maintenance and repairs in a timely manner.

(5) If the lines of old buildings are found to be flooded or wet, especially if the lines have been in disrepair for a long time and are aging, an electrician should be asked to repair them immediately.

(6) For the lines that are easy to be soaked by floods, electricians should be asked to move the lines, and take measures to elevate and prevent moisture.

(7) If there is a power failure in rainy days, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and an electrician should be asked to check the cause.

Measures should be taken to slow down the aging of circuits in daily life, moisture-proof measures should be taken for exposed wires, and wires of different sizes should be used for electrical appliances with different voltage requirements. If an aged or damaged power cord is found, replace it in time, and the replacement should meet the specifications of the original power cord.