1. Pay attention to the heat dissipation of components
Because when the pin header works in the female header, there will be fever and even high temperature, which will affect the use of components behind the island. Therefore, both plate-type heat dissipation and box-type heat dissipation need to be done well. In the process of use, do a good job in heat dissipation, especially check whether the components have good anti-static measures and can effectively avoid static electricity, so as to ensure the use of connecting components.

2. Pay attention to the current value.

At present, the current value of pin header is still relatively small, so we should pay more attention to the upper limit of current, which should not exceed 80% of the standard value, especially for some electronic devices with relatively small point spacing. It is also because of the poor heat dissipation conditions that the current value will be affected accordingly, so we should also pay attention to this in the process of using the product.

3. Be careful not to operate hard.

When using the pin header, you should also pay attention to the slow insertion and removal, especially the alignment of each hole. When pulling out the needle, you should also pay attention to not operating too hard, so as to avoid affecting the position, and keep the two ends together. When installing the connector, if a few cases are found, it is necessary to replace it with a full one, so as to avoid some other failures.

4, pay attention to the pinhole alignment.

If there are many rows of pin header, when connecting it with the pin header, you should also pay attention to whether each row pin can be aligned with the pinhole on the female header below. If it is not aligned, it will easily lead to bending if it is forcibly inserted, so you must pay attention to this when using it. If it is not aligned, it will easily lead to some problems in use and affect the use effect.