High-gloss material can replace high-gloss flame-retardant PC/ABS resin, reduce production costs, and be used for the outer packaging of household appliances. Need to choose different types of ABS high-gloss material. High-gloss and high-fluidity ABS has excellent high gloss, high impact strength, good fluidity, no trachoma, strong strength and scratch resistance, and is a practical product with excellent impact resistance. It is widely used and requires various electrical appliances, panels, electronic products, liquid display shells, computer shells, host shells, telephone shells, toys and other products with bright appearance.

High-gloss PP plastic has no melting marks, no flow marks, no streamlines, no sink marks, and the products have a bright surface shell product, which is particularly important for flat-panel TVs, computer LCD monitors, air conditioners, and automotive interior parts.

The process principle of high-gloss PP material injection molding is:
The mold is heated before and during the mold closing process. After the mold is closed, the injection is performed when the temperature reaches the set condition. During the injection process, the mold continues to maintain a high temperature, so that the rubber compound can maintain a good fluidity in the mold during injection. After the injection is completed, when the pressure is maintained and cooled, the mold is cooled, which can greatly shorten the cooling time of the product, thereby improving the production efficiency.