Magnetic connectors are also called magnet connectors, magnet connectors, magnetic connectors, magnetic connectors, magnet charging heads, etc. It is a connector widely used in electronic equipment, mainly composed of PogoPin and magnets. connector. It is designed by the structure of magnet and magnet contacting and attracting.


Magnetic connector application fields:

1. Smart wearable products: smart watches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, Bluetooth headsets, smart gloves, VR

2.3C consumer products: tablet computers, electronic locks, electric vehicles, smart water cups, mobile phones

3. Medical industry: medical equipment, beauty equipment, sphygmomanometer, heart rate monitor, handheld electrocardiogram

4. Smart devices: smart robots, sensors, handheld devices, drones, vehicle-mounted devices

The structure of the magnetic connector determines its characteristics

1. The connection of the magnetic connector is convenient and fast, no precise alignment is required, and only the magnets N and S are automatically attracted, thus saving time.

2. The connection is reliable and stable. Because of the use of POGO PIN needle contact conduction, the service life is long.

3. The installation method is flexible, it can be inserted directly, vertically, side-slip or in any direction, etc., and the cost of changing the direction of the connector will not increase in detail. The size of the suction force can be realized by the size selection of

the magnetic flux of the magnet and the design of the size of the magnet volume.