Vertical connectors are now available in 1.25mm pitch vertical connectors with forward locking and arbitrary potting capability. These locking and potting features of the connector help stop flickering for a clean and uninterrupted signal. Potting fluid versions provide additional protection against moisture and dust entry. These vertical manifolds are ideal for industrial and consumer applications.

The connector provides strong metal welds to ensure strong PCB retention and reduce solder joint stress. The added wall helps prevent forced lock immersion into potting material.

These connectors provide an upper voltage of 50V, an upper current of 3.6A, an upper contact resistance of 20mOhm, an insulating resistance of 500VAC and A lower insulation resistance of 100MOhm. The operating temperature of the switch ranges from -40C to + 105C.

Typical applications for connectors include industrial, power tools, test equipment, robotics, factory automation, drones, vending machines, consumer, refrigerators, air conditioners, and hot gas heaters.