a) Types C, R, and M should be preferred, and their external dimensions and installation methods should comply with the relevant provisions of IEC60603-2, and the PCB drilling diagram should refer to the relevant drawings in the connector parameter library.


b) Reference frame for European connectors

On the mounting surface of the fixed board connector, the line passing through the center of the mounting hole is used as the reference line. Use the nominal center near the No. 32 contact mounting hole as a reference point.

c) For RF mixed-type connectors, the frequency range, impedance characteristics, VSWR, and insertion loss of RF terminals should meet certain requirements. Mixed connectors with power terminals should meet certain power requirements. When installing mixed connectors, there must be appropriate tolerances and guiding requirements. It is best if floating installation can be achieved; 


d) The connector selected should be easy to install, and all European connectors have the same installation characteristics


e) The connector should have reliable contact, good conductive insulation performance, sufficient mechanical strength, and the number of times of plugging and unplugging should meet the requirements of relevant international and domestic standards;


f) Considering the requirement of PCB thickness on the length of the connector pins, the exposed height of the pins of the through-hole soldered connector is ≥1mm to ensure reliable soldering;


g) Cables and connectors connecting signals must ensure impedance matching;


h) If there are EMC requirements, the connectors must meet the EMC requirements;


i) The termination forms of the connector include crimping, soldering PCB and other forms, which can be selected according to actual needs.