1. What is a connector

Electronic connector generally refers to the connection unit between various electronic components, mainly used as the connection and transmission of electronic signals from chip to circuit board, circuit board and circuit board to box.

In terms of types, it can be divided into connectors for substrates, angular connectors, cylindrical connectors, and popular PCMCIA connectors, and so on. Although the definition of electronic connectors has been unclear, the general understanding does not include high-voltage, high-current electrical appliances or electrical connectors other than power plugs or sockets, and electrical switches are not included. In Japan, most people in the industry directly use the English (Connector) transliteration, sometimes called [continuous], and in mainland China, use [electrical connector], including connectors and switches, regardless of Broad terms such as electronics and electrical appliances.

As far as applications are concerned, most connectors are used in computers, communication equipment, aviation, automobiles, smart electronic products and various instruments and electrical appliances.

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2. Connector application

Electronic connectors are used in electrical products. As the name suggests, they act as electronic numbers or connect components. They are a multi-component combination or assembly product, and cover metal sheets, surface electroplating, precision machining and plastic molding and other key technologies. . As the transmission and connection of electronic numbers, if there is a problem with the electronic connector, it will cause the electronic components and even the entire equipment to fail. The entire connector includes two main parts: the terminal and the plastic. In addition to the choice of material, the terminal part is good or not for electroplating and punching. It will affect the quality of the product. Of course, the same applies to the plastic part.