According to the person in charge of the famous domestic SATA connector brand "Sanxiang", the current mainstream SATA connector specifications in the market: 7P, 15P, 7+15P, 7+6P, ESATA7P and other five series of products, all major connector manufacturers are In the process of innovation, more and more product designs are designed to meet the new needs of market development. Others, such as 6P, 7+7+2P, 7+7+15P and other series, perform well in various product applications.

Regarding the rumors that ESATA connectors will gradually replace SATA connectors in the market, the person in charge said that in terms of current market conditions, ESATA connectors are difficult to replace in a short period of time in some aspects, and it is likely that SATA connectors will In the other direction. But there is no specific direction in which direction, we will wait and see, and expect SATA connectors to change with each passing day.