1.Rectangular connector


Take Misimi's Dsub connector as an example, the Dsub series is the most widely used small multi-core connector in the world. High versatility, except for high-density types, any manufacturer's products can be combined with each other as long as the number of cores matches.

It is suitable for equipment with mass production plans and is easy to maintain. Including the high-density type, there are 13 types of cores from 9 cores to 78 cores, and each core number has a pin type and a socket type.

Application: Currently used in various fields such as computers, FA controllers, measuring instruments, communication equipment, etc. Computer industry FA controller industry Measuring instrument industry Communication equipment industry

2.Circular connector

Take the straight-through threaded connection plug as an example, which is connected to the socket by means of threads. The shell is made of zinc-gold alloy, which is sturdy and durable. According to the outlet method, it can be divided into three types: cable sheath, metal tube and plastic tube. Straight-through type product, can be combined with relay type or panel mount type.

Main use: cable connection

3.Nylon Connector

Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK Connector Plug-Type Housing, Special Features Small, high-density connector, plug-type housing that can be assembled with both pin and socket terminals.

4.Coaxial connector