We can explain the storage method of connectors from the following aspects:
Temperature control: The storage temperature of the connector should usually be controlled between 10 ℃ and 30 ℃. Beyond this temperature range, the purity of the connector contact points will decrease, leading to signal loss and poor contact. During the storage of connectors, exposure to high temperatures should be avoided as much as possible.
Relative humidity: Control of relative humidity is also very important during the storage process of connectors. Relative humidity mainly affects the lifespan of connector polarity seals and contact points. In storage, the relative humidity should be controlled below 60% RH to prevent signal distortion or poor contact caused by moisture oxidation and corrosion.
Anti static: During the storage process of connectors, attention should also be paid to preventing static interference. Common methods of static protection include the use of static conductive materials and static grounding. The connectors need to be kept clean and dry during storage and handling, as they can easily absorb dust and moisture, which can cause static interference signals. Therefore, when storing connectors, it is important to avoid interference from static electricity on the surface, polar seals, and contact points of the connectors.
Dust control: The polarity seal and contact point of the connector are small, making it susceptible to dust and oil contamination during long-term storage. It is necessary to pay attention to dust control measures, such as using special sealing bags and high-quality protective materials. Meanwhile, during the loading and unloading process, rough pallets should be avoided to prevent scratches and wear, and ensure the normal service life of the connectors.
The storage method of connectors needs to pay attention to factors such as temperature, relative humidity, anti-static and dust control to ensure the performance and lifespan of the connectors and ensure their normal use.

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