With the increasing requirements of cables and wires in various fields, not only flame retardancy and fire resistance are required, but also low smoke and halogen-free environmental protection characteristics are required when lighting, and more attention is paid to environmental protection and fire safety of products. It can be seen that irradiated cross-linked cables and wires will have a broad development prospect because of their wide coverage, low cost, excellent performance and high quality.

Radiation crosslinked cables and wires have the basic laws of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, cutting resistance, natural environment stress cracking resistance, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and electric soldering iron resistance. Compared with other types of wires and cables, the dielectric strength is better, and it is not easy to cause polymer dissolution due to unreflected catalytic reactants, which can improve electrical properties, thermalization and reliability of raw materials. Radiation cross-linked wires and cables are all kinds of copper wires, electrical equipment, weapons and equipment cables, heat-resistant and flame-retardant cables, which are preferred by everyone.

Radiation crosslinked wires and cables also have the following advantages:

  1. Irradiated crosslinked wires and cables have excellent performance, energy saving and environmental protection;  
  2. Irradiated crosslinked wire and cable is a kind of flame retardant cable;  

      3, high temperature resistance. The high temperature resistance level of irradiated cross-linked electrical cables reaches 105-150℃, other types of wires and cables are limited to            90℃, and PVC is only 70℃;  

  1. Strong radiation resistance (good aging resistance and thermal characteristics) and crack resistance;  
  2. Irradiance at room temperature can prevent the defects caused by welding stress in the process of conductor reproduction and prevent the welding stress of insulating layer.